Alternative Energy Systems

Take advantage of renewable energy sources with the largest installed capacity globally.

In recent years, due to increased cost of fossil fuels and environmental problems arising from their exploitation, we are witnessing a rebirth of renewable energy since, well used, can meet all our needs.

These clean energy offers multiple benefits: they come from natural sources inexhaustible priori, are less subject to price fluctuations, reduce transport costs to occur locally, and are essential to curb global warming and climate change.

Aware that the photovoltaic solar energy is the third most important source in terms of installed globally in renewable energy capacity Proyesco we are committed to its full care and use.

Solar energy can be used directly or be converted through the use of solar panels (photovoltaic).

Applying our experience in energy systems and, depending on customer needs, work measurement, optimization and energy cogeneration.


“In the span of six hours deserts receive more energy from the sun that everything that mankind consumes in a year.”
Gerhard Knies – German scientist

  • Parks Turnkey Photovoltaic Energy
  • Monitoring and Optimizing Energy
  • Peak Shaving
  • Self-Supply Facilities Isolated or connected to the electricity network


Monthly savings in consumption is what can generate a photovoltaic solar plant.

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A multinational company from Argentina.
A multinational company from Argentina.