Industrial Safety Systems

Preserve the integrity and the life of its most important resources.

Our system of industrial safety focuses on preserving the physical integrity of personnel, equipment and facilities of your organization.

It is a multidisciplinary area within Proyesco which is responsible for minimizing the risks in industries, from prevention, identification, assessment and correction of hazards to which their employees and main assets are exposed in the workplace exercise.

We use the latest technology in CCTV, & nbsp; access control and intrusion detection, and all the resources needed for gas and fire detection.

The aim is to raise awareness in both the prevention and correction of risks and proper use of personal protective equipment, such as creating a genuine interest in safety culture and preserving physical integrity.

Select the technology needed to meet even the most stringent safety standards, according to the particularities of each industry and its specific degree of complexity.

The systems that we cover in this regard include:


Select the technology needed to meet even the most demanding safety standards.

  • CCTV
  • Access Control
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Fire and Gas Detection

Main causes of fire:

  • Electrical fires 19%
  • Roces and frictions 14%
  • Mechanical sparks 12%
  • Smoking and matches 8%

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A multinational company from Argentina.
A multinational company from Argentina.